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Walking and trekking holidays

If you have something of the explorer in you, then trekking holidays and walking holidays are ideal to experience Bhutan’s rich flora and fauna. Trekking across different terrains in a far away land evokes a spirit of discovery and offers a totally new perspective on a country. At Best of Bhutan, we have trekked in every nook and corner of the country from 4,000-6,000 meters, from the Snow Man trail trek in the east to the Yak Herders trek in the west or the Thousand Lakes Trek in Central Bhutan. We can tailor the perfect walking holiday package for you, featuring plenty of wonderful sights, like the blue sheep and the snow leopard and taxing enough to give you a sense of achievement but not so tough that it is unpleasant.

Cycling and Motor Bike holidays

Travelling across distant lands on a cycling holiday is one of the best ways to enjoy an adventure break and one which will leave you with a lifetime of memories. At Best of Bhutan, we have cycled and biked in every corner of the country, from the breathtaking landscapes of Bumthang to the mountains of Thimphu. We can take you on the perfect family cycling holiday, allowing you to take in the many wonderful sights the country has to offer. Whether you are a keen cyclist or just enjoy a casual bike ride from time to time, we can take you on an adventure you will never forget.

Safari and Bird Watching holidays

Safari holidays and wildlife safaris promise lots of adventure and fun. At Best of Bhutan, we know where the best safari holiday destinations are and can help you go on the break of a lifetime. At Best of Bhutan, we have been on numerous safaris and bird watching trips, giving travelers the rich and exciting experience they so desperately crave. We can tailor the perfect wildlife safaris for you, promising a glimpse of some of the most majestic animals like the Tuskers, the Golden Langur, the endangered White Bellied Heron, et al, on our planet.

Cultural holidays

One of the great things about life is the variety of different cultures, beliefs and traditions which are found all across the globe. For many, cultural holidays and sightseeing holidays are the best and most interesting breaks available. At Best of Bhutan, we know exactly what you are looking for, from hot, spicy local food to organic and continental cuisines to a visit to a local astrologer.

Photography holidays

Every holiday you go on you take photographs but for some the photographs are the reason they go on holiday. Photography holidays are tailored around visiting places which can be captured beautifully with a camera. At Best of Bhutan, we have been taking enthusiastic photographers to some of the most amazing destinations for many years like the age-old fortresses known as Dzongs to local community festivals and the mask dances. We can provide the perfect photography tour for you, taking you on a trip that will provide a lifetime of memories. Our holidays for photographers are quite simply breathtaking.

Family holidays

What makes family adventure holidays so special is the fact that a group of people closer to each other than anyone else can enjoy it together. At Best of Bhutan, we have been on many family adventure holidays. We can tailor the perfect family adventure holiday for you, taking you on a break that will provide a lifetime of memories even provide a nanny for your children while you explore. Our family adventure holidays are an amazing experience for adults and children alike because of your stay in farm houses and your interaction with the locals to experience Bhutanese culture first hand.