Checklist on visiting Bhutan


What do you need to arrange while visiting Bhutan?

  • Choose a tour program from the option listed in our website or contact us for a tailor made program with the areas and places of interest, dates and duration of the visit
  • After reviewing your interest and needs, we will work out a suitable itinerary and forward the same to you along with tour invoice.
  • You will than be required to fill up the visa form which can be downloaded from our website
  • Email us the duly filled visa application form along with two scanned passport size photographs and tour payment. This is required as per Department of Tourism’s rules without we are not authorized to process for your visa. Your payment will be withheld by Department of Tourism and will be released to us only after your visit is over.
  • We will make all your travel arrangements and email you a copy of your visa clearance letter along with all the information you will need to travel to Bhutan, practical information on Bhutan, health risks, etc.